“The eyes shout what the lips fear to say.” – William Henry.

We offer a few types of eyeliner procedures – Lash Enhancement, Smokey lash enhancement, Classic Eyeliner, Smokey Eyeliner.

Semi-Permanent Lash Enhancement (Lash Line) $149AUD

What to expect:  A dark colour pigment will be implanted to the lash line space to make the lashes look richer and fuller. Your eyes will become deeper, more accentuated. The pigment does not go beyond the lash line, so it looks very natural.

For whom: anyone who uses mascara or has naturally black eyelashes.

Time of the procedure: 1h.~1h.15min.

Lasts for: 2-4 years.

Smokey Lash Enhancement (Lash Line With Powder Shading), $199AUD

What to expect: It is a bit more than a classic lash enhancement tattoo as there is also a soft shading in the outer corner of the eyes above the lash line. It gives a barely visible effect of pencil like shadow.

For whom: anyone who would like to accentuate eyes.

Time of the procedure: ~2h.

Lasts for: 2-4 years.

Classic Eyeliner $299AUD

What to expect: a sharp classic tail on the upper eyelid can be bold or thin, straight or banded – up to you! It will give your eyes an almond like classy shape.

For whom: It is a go-to for anyone who prefers a sharp classy look unless has very droopy eyelids.

Time of the procedure: ~3h.

Lasts for: 3-4 years.

Smokey Eyeliner (Classic Eyeliner With Powder Shading) $399AUD

What to expect: A pigment will be softly shaded above a tail line giving the impression of shaded pencil. The most common colours are dark brown and black – up your choice. Your eyes will get a bit of a ‘foxy’ shape, lifting your eyes up. It can visually correct uneven imperfections of the eye shape. Be a designer of your Smokey Eyeliner choosing length of the tail and intensity of powder.

For whom: Anyone who does not have droopy eyelids.

Time of the procedure: 3.5 h.~4 h.

Lasts for: 2-4 years.

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