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Tattoo Training

Cosmetic Tattooing is a challenging yet incredibly rewarding Art!

Like any passionate artist such as Katerina Dobriakova at Permanent Makeup Academy New Me Sydney, this pathway gives any committed artist an abundance of opportunities in the beauty industry.

Katerina started her Career in the permanent makeup industry not long ago and has proven that within a short period of time with constant thirst for growth, confidence and dedication to the art, a successful career can be achieved. She truly believes that anyone who has the same passion can easily attain the same level of growth.

Katerina’s specialty includes a number of different types of permanent makeup such as eyebrow, eyeliner tattoo, scar camouflage and others, however, at the beginning of her career, the biggest challenge for her was the lip blush tattoo.

Her first experience with the lip blushing was painful and traumatic and contemplated whether to continue this service or not. However, she was more determined than ever to master this art and with constant training and dedication the lip blush tattoo is now her favourite service! Katerina generously shares her secrets of lip blushing with students in her lip tattoo training.

Katerina and ‘New Me Sydney Cosmetic tattoo academy’ can generously help beginners with opening the door of a successful cosmetic tattoo business. 

With her expertise she is also able to share her tips & tricks to experienced artists to elevate & further advance their skills. This extensive knowledge provided during the lip blush training will allow any artist to stand out against competitors. 

What makes Katerina’s Lip Blush Training special? 
Lip blush tattoo courses provided at New Me Sydney are based on a deep knowledge of the subject, passion, experience, hours invested into attending international training & of course Ekaterina’s hard work. They include diversified topics including marketing and social media skills.

What to expect?

Please be prepared for an intensive program. Katerina’s each lip tattoo trainings is designed with a core focus that a student is to attain the most helpful information & knowledge that can be provided. The course is designed at the highest calibre and is unparalleled to any other course out there.
Students that have previously attended the lip blush tattoo course at the Cosmetic Tattoo Academy by Katerina have all said the same thing: “be prepared to learn a lot and what has been learnt has allowed them to confidently provide their clients a quality Lip blush Tattoo service”.

Katerina’s students come from all across the country with its remote areas to be trained at her permanent makeup academy. Even though Katerina’s own training experience is massively based on Russian techniques of cosmetic tattooing, she has been constantly training worldwide to be up-to-date.

LIP BLUSH TRAINING, face-to-face, beginners (2.5 days).

The program includes all essential pillars to provide exceptional tattoo work and have a constant flow of happy customers. 

DAY 1 – In-Depth Theory Part.

This theoretical part covers all kinds of aspects to explain the processes – what to do, how to do and why to use certain tools and methods. With this knowledge, the student is able to answer any question raised in the work and surpass competitors with superficial knowledge. This is a deep foundation that every pmu artist needs to know in order to become a master.

  1. Basics of cosmetic tattooing.
  2. Safety and medical aspects.
  3. Physical aspects.
  4. Chemical aspects.
  5. Main mistakes and tips for work.
  6. Fast and clean sketch, 2 methods.
  7. And many more…

DAY 2 – Latex and a lip blush demonstration (on a model).

The work on the latex is a crucial part to get the confidence before ‘touching the skin’. Excellence can be achieved only via practicing. A student does not begin working on the real skin until passes the test and satisfied performance on the fake skin. 

  1. Setting a correct position of the hands in work and a body position.
  2. Main strokes – practicing.
  3. Different configuration of the needles.
  4. Lip blush demonstration on a model.

DAY 3 – a lip blush tattooing on a model.

A model is organised by the student (criteria and support will be provided). Here is the time to create beauty magic! Tips and tricks will be opened to get the best results.

  1. Test.
  2. Lip blush tattooing on a model.
  3. Secret-BONUS!
  4. Q&A.
  5. Certificate. 

Each student is provided with a detailed manual guidance and ongoing support. The training is conducted “face to face”, so be prepared for maximum attention and

LIP BLUSH TRAINING, face-to-face, advanced (1 day).

Upgrade your skills to the highest level. After accomplishing this training, your work will be fast and productive. 

Today, for the cosmetic tattoo artists it is important not only to master tattooing but also to present their work on social media in order to ‘sell the product’. This information is crucial for successful business.  Katerina shares her experience and secrets in marketing strategies that really work. 


  1. Safety in place.
  2. Colour theory.
  3. Latex work– 3 different techniques of lip blush.
  4. Fast and clean sketch.
  5. Lip blush on a model – one of the techniques.
  6. BONUS-marketing and social media.
  7. Photo and video skills.
  8. Do’s and Don’ts. How to avoid mistakes.

Included: detailed manual and unlimited ongoing support.

Send us a query for more detailed program of the training and pricing.  


For experienced PMU artists, the focus is on working on models and problem areas, but the theoretical part is also covered in such a way as to update the existing database and add additional useful information to it.

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