Terms and conditions

1. Fees & Pricing

Fees are due and payable in 2 (two) steps – a deposit prior to the procedure and an outstanding amount on the day of the procedure. Prices are subject to change without prior written notice, and are correct at time of publishing. When making a deposit, the client fixes the price indicated on the website on the day of making the deposit.

2. Deposit

The deposit is taken to allocate a spot for the procedure.

The deposit is non-refundable, if:

  1. the customer reschedules or cancels an appointment within 48h. prior to the procedure;
  2. the customer does not attend a scheduled appointment;
  3. the customer does not follow the instruction for the cancellation and rescheduling.

3. Instructions For Cancellation and Rescheduling

To cancel or reschedule an appointment, the client must send a written notification via email (to Kate@newme.sydney) or a text message over the phone (number +61412190917), and this notification must be received by NewMe.Sydney at least 48 hours before the procedure. The notification must specify the full name of the client, the date and time of the scheduled procedure, the name of the service, and for rescheduling only – the desired time of the procedure. Only in this case, the deposit for the reservation will be refunded in the amount of 100% of the paid deposit.

4. Consultations & Bookings

It is recommended to consult before the procedure in order to avoid the wrong choice of the procedure within the range of services on the website, since each case is individual and requires an individual approach.

In rare cases a PMU-artist can reject doing a procedure due to inappropriate conditions of the health or previous tattoo on the client’s skin, unless this conditions discussed and approved in the prior assessment. Paid deposit is not refundable for such cases, however, can be switched to another service from the website range and a difference in the price to be paid on the same day.

5. Touch-Up

The semi-permanent make-up procedure is performed in two steps: the primary procedure and touch-up. Touch-up should be performed within 30-50 days after the initial procedure for an additional fee specified in the price list. After this period of time, any touch-up will be considered as a variation and will be charged separately.

6. Guarantee

Since every case is individual, the skin types vary, parts of the face and body are different in shape and often asymmetrical, there can be blood vessels, skin undertones and also aftercare taken by the customer can differ – all these factors play a role, the healed result after the procedure can be not the same for eveyone.

For skin types Fitzpatrick 4-6, hyperpigmentation is common due to the specific production of melanin and NewMe.Sydney does not guarantee the prevention of such a phenomenon and does not assume responsibility if it occurs.

NewMe.Sydney guarantees a full commitment and a care to be taken to ensure the best possible result with every case. We cannot guaranty the healed results as every skin and body feature is different. However, we will always do our best to deliver the best possible result and will adjust the process if necessary.

7. Procedure

The semi-permanent make-up procedure is considered to be completed after the ink is implanted into the skin according to pre-agreed with the customer design.

8. Minors & Companions

During the procedure children and minors cannot be left unattended inside or outside of the premises on NewMe.Sydney.

Companions of the customers can stay in the premises only if it is agreed at least 24h. prior to the session.

9. Contraindications to the cosmetic tattooing procedure

There is a list of Contraindications to the procedure: severe heart disease, cold sore, Angular cheilitis (inflammation of the lips), atopic dermatitis, pregnancy, breastfeeding, individual intolerance (an Allergy to anesthetics, pigments), severe hypertension, severe diabetes, physiological period, irritable the Physique, Conjunctivitis, scar the Physique, Blood born disease, Hyperthyroidism, Any injection of collagen or Botulinum within 6 weeks, any laser surgery within 8 weeks, Any plastic surgery within 6 weeks, wearing contact lenses or eyelash grafting, drug addicts, drinking within 24 hours before operation, blood thinner taking, skin cancer or skin disease, Hepatitis or other infectious diseases, Haemophilia or Coagulation Dysfunction, allergises to lidocaine, tetracaine (amethocaine), benzocaine, pramoxine, dibucaine or other drugs, epilepsy.

You should discuss with the PMU artist whether you have any of the contraindications mentioned above before booking.

10. Safety

If you are experiencing cold/flu/COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who does, if you have travelled abroad in the last 2 weeks, you should let us know before booking the procedure.

On-site safety is our absolute priority and we make sure to provide the best experience without the risk of anyone getting infected.

Thank You for your consideration.

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