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Brow sculpting & shaping

Fluffy powder eyebrows or feather brows techique? A polished look starts from fashionable brows!

Lip cosmetic

Whether you pick a lip blush or a melanin lip tattoo,
there are always multiple colour options to choose from!


Get your eyes looking expressive with an invisible line or a beloved eyeliner. There is a suitable option for everyone.

Freckle Tattooing

'Kissed by the Sun' look is always young and cute. The world of beauty dictates a trend!


A permanent solution for under-eye circles for those who tried everything.

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Lash lift

Natural curly lashes
for the most
dramatic look.

Scar Camouflage

Medical camouflage is a miracle worker for scars, vitiligo and stretch marks.

Areola Tattoo

There is a way to get your confidence back! Get the most realistic areola tattoo here.

PMU training

For those who wants to achieve an excellence in lips and brows tattooing.

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