Freckles, $350AUD

‘Kissed by the Sun’ look is always young and cute. State about your individuality with semi-permanent freckles!

Semi-Permanent Freckles

What to expect: the procedure will begin with an assessment of the skin and a sketch. The next step is to determine which colour of the pigment is the best for you based on the phototype of the skin. Do not worry about unpleasant sensations, the pain level is 0, since pre-numbness is a part of the procedure. After the colour and sketch are approved, the PMU artist will start tattooing the freckles with a machine. Using a PMU machine rather than hand tools prevents skin from the scarring. We will also discuss follow-up care, as this is an important part for a good result. The healing result looks extremely natural, so no one will know that this is a real tattoo!

For whom: anyone who would like to have a soft and young look of the freckles on the face. Any type of the skin is suitable.

Time of the procedure: ~1h.

Lasts for: 1~1.5 years.

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