Freckles, $149AUD

‘Kissed by the Sun’ look is always young and cute. State about your individuality with semi-permanent freckles! Semi-Permanent Freckles What to expect: the procedure will begin with an assessment of the skin and a sketch. The next step is to determine which colour of the pigment is the best for you based on the phototype …

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“You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrows.” – Jack Black.   There are a few different techniques to enhance your eyebrows.   Semi-Permanent Ombre Powder Brows, $399AUD Who: For anyone who would like to shape their eyebrows and forget about using a brow pencil. This technique is suitable for most skin types. What …

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“The curves of your lips rewrite history.” – Oscar Wilde   Whether you pick a lip blush or 3D technique, there are multiple options for colour of your choice!   WaterColour Lips, $399 AUD Who: For anyone looking to adjust their lip colour and/or shape. What to expect: “WaterColour Lips” is the contour-less lips technique used …

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“The eyes shout what the lips fear to say.” – William Henry. We offer a few types of eyeliner procedures – Lash Enhancement, Smokey lash enhancement, Classic Eyeliner, Smokey Eyeliner. Semi-Permanent Lash Enhancement (Lash Line),  $149AUD What to expect:  A dark colour pigment will be implanted to the lash line space to make the lashes look …

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