Areola Tattoo, $450 per each.

Areola Tattoo Sydney

Globally, breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer among women. Sadly, many of those who experienced brest cancer, had to go through mastectomy-a surgical operation to remove a breast. Although it is possible to perform breast reconstruction surgery after it, there is no surgical method for reconstructing the areola and nipples yet. More and more women turn to tattooing to get the oreola recreated.

3D Areola tattoo provided at New Me Sydney imitates a natural areola with every detail such as wrinkles, bumps, shades and of course a nipple if needed. When areola tattoo healed,  it is hard to recognise from aside that the areola is tattooed – it looks so real. 

Who else might be interested in areola tattoo?

First of all, those women who are not satisfied with how their breasts look aesthetically — in particular, they do not like that the area around the nipples is not as bright as they would like, and this makes them feel some discomfort.

The other groupe is those who are unhappy with pigmentation in this area — this, for example, happens in those who have a history of vitiligo.

Another indication for the areola tattoo is the asymmetry of the real areola: with the help of permanent makeup, you can make the areoles the same, and forget about the insecurity.  

Areola tattoo can be made for the purpose of rejuvenation — with age, the pigmentation of individual zones changes: someone’s color becomes less uniform, fades, and then it also can be enhanced through semi-permanent makeup. 

If the sagging (ptosis) of the patient’s breast is not very pronounced, areola tattoo can visually lift the breast.

When can you get areola tattoo? 

If you have recently had breast surgery, it is recommended to wait till the full healing of the skin for at least 6 month from the surgery. 

Six months after delivery, if a woman does not plan to feed the baby on her own, or six months after the end of the lactation process.

How long does areola tattoo last?

On average, areola the tattoo lasts for approximately 5 years. However, be prepared to get a refresh already after 2 years. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the body.

Contraindications to the procedure

Pregnancy, lactation, blood diseases, tendency to scar formation, uncompensated diabetes mellitus, oncological diseases, allergic reactions.

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