Ombré Powder Brows

(1 session, $600 AUD)

Who: For anyone who would like to shape their eyebrows and forget about using a brow pencil. This technique is suitable for most skin types.

What to expect: This soft pencil-like technique, uses light and dark shades to give a graduated effect from the top of the brow to the lower brow-edge creating an airy look with a defined lower line. Also can be done in a way when all borders are soft with little to no definition. Then there is only a dense mid-brow with shades and undertones creating a rich, more delicate brow.

Time of the procedure: 1.5h.~2h.

Lasts for: 1.5 – 3 years.


(1 session, $700 AUD)

Who: For anyone with thin-to-fair hair volume. This technique is suitable for most skin types, however for those with thick and oily skin types, results may vary.

What to expect: The hairstroke technique mimics real hair, thus creating a more polished and natural eyebrow look with no scar formation. The style of hair directions will be discussed and chosen depends on the natural hair growth.

Time of the procedure: 3.5h.~4h.

Lasts for: 2 – 3 years.

Ultimate Brows

(1 session, $800 AUD)

Who: For anyone with low hair density, or little to no eyebrow hair (perfect for those with Alopecia).

What to expect: Using a combination of Hairstroke and Powder techniques to give you more impactful eyebrows that are exceptionally rich and full yet natural, elegant and polished!

Time of the procedure: 4h.~5h.

Lasts for: 2 – 3 years.


* All the pictures shown are examples of eyebrows tattooed using cosmetic tattoo machines (without microblading). In each individual case, the shape of the eyebrows is selected taking into account the parameters of the face, and the color is agreed with the clients before the procedure.

** Final results can vary and can sometimes require more than a single session – after the initial session, a ‘touch-up’ session may be required. The touch-up is important not only for shape alignment, but also for the efficacy of the colour.

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