Lip Tattoo Sydney

“The curves of your lips rewrite history.” – Oscar Wilde

Natural Lip Blush

(1 session, $650 AUD)
Lip Tattoo Sydney

Who: For anyone looking to adjust their lip colour and/or shape.

What to expect: It is a contour-less lip blush technique used to enhance the natural beauty of the lips. This technique offers soft and transparent colours close to our natural shades, but a little brighter and clearer. Minor shape changes can be done to correct curves, imperfections, and even to add extra volume, enhancing your overall look.

Time of the procedure: 2.5h.

Lasts for: 1 – 2 years.

Ombré lips

(1 session, $750 AUD)
Lip Cosmetic Tattoo Sydney

Who: For anyone who applies make-up lip-line most of the times.

What to expect: This technique suggests defined contour and a colour gradient from more saturated edges to the lighter inner part of the lips. It creates more dramatic effect and gives lips visual volume. Dress your lips up in your favourite colour 24/7 to don’t worry about lipstick print accidentally left on the clothes or a wine glass.

Time of the procedure: 2.5h.

Lasts for: 1 – 2 years.

Melanin Lips Tattoo

(2 sessions, $900 AUD)
Melanin Lips Tattoo

Who: For those with ethnic or acquired pigmentation on the lips.

What to expect: This lip blush technique is to cover melanin spots and achieve target colour. The process includes 2 full sessions. The first one aims for neutralization of the darkness. The second one is to recreate the desired colour. Before booking the procedure, request a free consultation with a pmu-artist.

Time of the procedure: 3.5h.

Lasts for: 2.5 – 3.5 years.

Hyaluronic Add-On,

(1 session, $100 AUD extra to the lip blush price)

Get your lip blush finalised by adding hyaluronic acid (HA) in the lip blush formula. This gives extra hydration and elasticity to your lips. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our body. With age, the amount of HA decreases, as a result of which our skin looks wrinkled and devoid of tone and elasticity. HA lip blush helps to restore the original balance of the moisture level and to get the lips to their original appearance.

Some of our work

Final healed result of the Lip Cosmetic Tattoo heavily depends on the accuracy of a client’s pre-and after care. Hence, it is recommended to carefully follow all the recommendations bellow.


1. To avoid cold sore, take antiviral drugs (Famvir / Famciclovir / Vaclovir or alternatives): the 1st tablet – a day before the lip tattoo session, the 2nd tablet – on day and finally, the 3rd tablet – the next day. This scheme is recommended even for those who have never encountered cold sore before as the virus could be in the body in a passive form. If a client is very sensitive to cold sore, then a longer treatment with the prescribed medication should be considered.

2. Before lip tattoo, do not take blood-thinning medications (aspirin, Panadol, ibuprofen, etc.), seafood, fat food and also caffeinated drinks such as coffee, cola and others.

3. Give up alcohol. It reduces protective functions of the body, immunity, which can lead to the formation of an inflammatory process.

4. Calculate the date of the procedure so that it falls in middle of the menstrual cycle. This will prevent extra sensitivity to the procedure.

5. Do not expose your skin to the UV light (sun or solarium).

6. Do not get lip tattoo if you have open lesions or fresh piercing in the tattoo area. 

7. Avoid getting Botox, Disport or fillers at least for a month before or after lip cosmetic tattoo.

8. A week before the procedure, start applying moisturizing masks and balms to the lips. Additionally, it is also recommended to do a gentle peeling a few days before getting lip tattoo done.


1. Avoid excessive sweating: recommended to avoid strenuous exercising and saunas.

2. Avoid wetting the lip tattoo with water, including a long shower, taking a bath and swimming in reservoirs or the ocean.

3. Avoid UV light as it destroys the pigment particles and damage the skin.

4. After getting a lip cosmetic tattoo, it is natural to have a mild swelling. A dry ice compression can be used to reduce the swelling.

5. You can nourish the skin with Bepanthen cream or lip balm with bee wax, shea or coconut butter, lip products with vitamins E&A from the day of the procedure onward but no less than 5 days. Avoid using pure Vaseline (petroleum/petrolatum) at least first 3 days from the lip tattoo session. It will let the skin breath and heal nicely.

6. The crust should peel off itself to let the pigment set in the skin. Any premature removal of the crusts with hands could lead to vanishing of the PMU pigment from the skin.

7. Avoid scrubbing the tattooed area for next 4 weeks after the procedure. 

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