Scar Camouflage in Sydney, from $200AUD

Say goodbye to stretch marks, vitiligo, post surgerical and other scars with the scar camouflage.

Medical camouflage is designed for a vast range of the scar tissues and also normal tissues of a lighter shade. Such tissues often have a slightly different structure and are very often lighter or have no colour at all. The reason for this is a lack of melanocytes, thus, there is no melanin in it.

Hence, the scar camouflage begins with the selection of a pigment corresponding to the shade of the skin surrounding the scar. 

An anesthetic will be applied before the procedure so that there is no pain throughout the tattooing process.

How many sessions is needed for scar camouflage?

As the scar tissues have different structure compare to normal skin, sometimes it can be the reason for the low saturation of the pigment. It usually takes about 2 sessions to achieve the desired results.  In rare cases, more sessions might be required – each in a month time. 

Is every scar suitable for scar camouflage?

Hypertrophic. Dark, bulging scars that occur after serious burns, complex operations, significant injuries. Before doing scar camouflage, a doctor’s consultation is needed. The cells of such a scar can absorb a lot of pigment (2-3 times more than is needed for drawing on healthy skin), which is harmful to the body as a whole.

Colloidal. Dense, with a bumpy texture, from pink to purple-bluish colour, often accompanied by skin irritation and itching. Medicine has not established the reasons for their appearance, but so far scientists are leaning towards genetics. Colloidal scars occur due to minor injuries, cuts. It is not recommended to cover them with a tattoo. Exposure to a tattoo needle and subcutaneous injection of pigment can cause a new scar.

How long does scar camouflage last?

Paramedical pigments are softer than tattoo pigments. They provide the most natural looking colours of the pigments which remain on the skin for about 3 years. After that, a refresh is recommended. However, sometimes it is needed earlier as scar tissues are unpredictable. 

Scar camouflage is loved by millions of people as this magical procedure helps people to regain their confidence. It changes not only the appearance of the body, but sometimes even life, as people also experience emotional impact.


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